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Carlos Eduardo Sotelo Pinto csotelop at yahoo.es
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Hi List.
All of you are right. It is similar to java, vb, but how it work?

Well, python script generates a compiled bytecode the first time that 
yuou run the main script in a machinne, and the interpreter execute this 
byte code.

It could be slower than a compiled language, because use an interpreter 
to run, but it is faster than a interepreted language, because the 
interpreted language ot generated a byt code, this one reads the secripts.

About operating system, it coulbe posible, but not at all. First to run 
an operative systems you need a low level language, like assembler, it 
could began the os, but the kernel could be in python.
just a c library or gcc and python interpreter. if you use assembler to 
run with c, u can use python for your python os

Alan G wrote:
>>I am new to Python, about 1 day. And I downloaded from
>>python.org Pythong2.4, it has the command line and
>>junk. But what actuall program compiles the source of
>>python into a program? 
> When you run a python script python compiles the source 
> internally before executing it. If your program imports 
> modules, the imported code gets converted into compiled 
> code and you will see it in the form of .pyc files.
> Python works in a similar fashion to VB and Java in that 
> it executes compiled byte code, not native machine code.
> The Python program has the same function as both the 
> Java compiler and JVM interpreter.
> If you use Jython instead of Python you will find a separate 
> python compiler that produces true Java code that then 
> can be run under any JVM.
> If you want to produce standalone windows executables 
> there are several tools available, the simplest and 
> most widely used being py2exe. This is not part of the 
> standard distribution however. Basically what all these 
> tools do is wrap the Python program and all of the 
> modules you use into one single executable file - so 
> its quite big and if you distribute several programs 
> you duplicate python with each one!! In this case 
> distributing the python scripts with a one-off version
> of Python is a better option.
> The included distutils package can simplify that process.
>>And also, is Python capable of writing an OS?
> Not really since python requires the python program to 
> be present in some form and it itself needs an underlying 
> OS. You could write an OS simulation as a learning 
> excercise but it would need a minimal OS underlying it.
> Python is a high level programming language aimed at 
> developing applications with the minimum effort. If you 
> really need to twiddle the bits n' bytes you are better 
> off with C or assembler, just be prepared to write a 
> lot of code...
> HTH,
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