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Wed Sep 14 21:21:27 CEST 2005

* Alan G <alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk> [050914 09:21]:
> >  For Windows, the finest Shareware edit IMHO is Boxer.
> Editor religious wars are nearly as bad as programming 
> language wars but I can't resist.
  <grin> ERWs are a misdirection of energy IMHO. Talking about
         editors and languages *is* a good way to learn about
         the options available, however.

  If I were able to earn my living programming in only one language, I
  would use an editor the "fully understood" that language.  (thus
  pythonwin as an example). However, A typical work session for me would
  be writing code in python, rebol and javascript. In the same editor.
  With emacs/Xemacs I can customize so that I am using the same
  keystrokes for any language (say, navigating from one subroutine to
  another or inserting debugging stubs).

  Also, Emacs has a wonderful feature that I just can't live without:
  You can run a script interpreter within the editor and maintain
  asynchronous communication with it. It's called *comint mode*

  At the same time, I might be navigating among directories
  and text, html or other file resources and doing as-needs editing
  or search. Using Midnight Commander with vim as the default
  editor works wonderfully for this function and vim beats the
  pants off of emacs for adhoc editing and quick "on the fly"
  keymapping that might be needed for one particular editing

  BTW: Total Commander is a wonderful alternative to Midnight
       Commander on Windows. Shareware (about 39 bucks).

> My favourite windows editor these days is gvim. I've never got 
> round to adding the python scripting feature, mainly because 

  I would bet that compiling in the python binary on windows
  would be more daunting....

> I try not to customize it too much. But its simple, fast and 
> works the same on Linux, Mac and Windoze...
  I echo that gvim works exactly the same on those various platforms
  for me. I have found that comint mode in emacs doesn't work
  right (for me) on windows. 

> I used to be an emacs zealot but for some reason emacs never 
> seemed comfortable on Windows.
> >  But if I programmed only in Python and only on windows, I'd
> >  use PythonWin.
> Pythonwin is better than IDLE, but I still prefer gvim and a 
> command line prompt. Although I confess to firing up Pyhonwin 
> occasionally to use it's debugger!
  Bottom line is: Everyone's circumstances and needs differ.
  It's great having all these options!
  tj (writing this email with vim)

> Alan G.
> PS I'm playing with JSP at the moment and am very impressed 
> with the open source NetBeans IDE. It would be nice if someone 
> modified it to work with Python! :-)
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