[Tutor] Aschenputtel problem

Christopher Arndt chris.arndt at web.de
Fri Sep 16 17:11:17 CEST 2005

Pierre Barbier de Reuille schrieb:
> Well, in the specific case of numeric arrays, you can use Numeric or
> numarray :
> from Numeric import array, compress
> ol = array(original_list)
> selection = array([condition(i) for i in original_list)
> list1 = compress(selection, ol)
> list2 = compress(!selection, ol)

This ! syntax isn't working for me (throws a syntax error). Is this defined by
Numeric somewhere?

This works (but see my upcoming post about benchmarking the different solutions):

selection = [condition(i) for i in original_list]
list1 = compress(selection, original_list)
list2 = compress([not x for x in selection], original_list)


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