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Today (Sep 16, 2005) at 5:29pm, D. Hartley spoke these wise words:

- ->I know how to use the code completion (hooray for me!) but so far,
- ->most everything else that's going on in PyDev/Eclipse is a mystery to
- ->me.  But I managed to get an interactive interpreter as an external
- ->tool, so that's a lot of progress for me.
- ->
- ->Technically I suppose this is OT, but did you guys that have used/are
- ->using PyDev/Eclipse use any kind of tutorials for those other
- ->functions? (Not sure if there even *are* any, besides the standard
- ->documentation on PyDev's website)  Most of the things I've found on
- ->eclipse are for much more advanced eyes than mine, it would seem.
- ->
- ->I'd appreciate any pointers! :)
- ->
- ->~Denise

I too am having problems getting my head wrapped around Pydev/Eclipse.
The docs on Eclipse don't seem to be geared toward Pydev and the
FAQ on the Pydev site is rather sparse. At this point, I'm not even
sure the install went properly since I see error messages such as:

An internal error occurred during:"Pydev code completion:rebuilding modules"

among others I didn't take the time to copy down. For now I am back
to Gedit and an xterm. If you run across more documentation could you
please cc me as well?

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