[Tutor] Why won't it enter the quiz? (off topic)

Nathan Pinno falcon3166 at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 17 06:30:17 CEST 2005

Hey all,

It looks like I started another running debate, the last time I did this, it 
went forever it seemed.

Any hints or help on that original question?

For clarity, I'll ask it again:

Why won't it enter the quiz? Here is the code again:


import random

def add(a,b):
    answer = a+b
    guess = float(raw_input(a," + ",b," = "))
    return answer, guess

num1 = random.choice(range(1,10)) ### To limit the numbers chosen from 1-9
num2 = random.choice(range(1,10))

while 1:
    q = random.choice(range(15,31)) ### to choose the number of questions
    cq = 1 ### To find the current question
    correct = 0
    while cq >= q: ### To find whether or not to end the quiz.
        print cq
        answer, guess = add(num1,num2)
        if guess != answer:
            print "Incorrect! The correct answer is: ",answer
            cq += 1
        elif guess == answer:
            print "Correct!"
            correct += 1
            cq += 1
        print "Questions: ",q
        print "Correct: ",correct
        print "Percent Correct: ",(cq/q)*100

print "Goodbye."


Thanks for the help in advance,
Nathan Pinno
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> Byron wrote:
>> Hi Nathan,
>> Wow, I have to give you some good credit -- you are quite the sneaky and
>> innovative business guy.  You get the free tutors here to help write
>> your programs and when they are finished, you sell them on your website
>> for $20.00 each!  I bet more businesses wish they could do business the
>> way you do!  Quite efficient, I must admit... <big grin>
> I'd bet that almost EVERYONE on this list is selling software with the 
> skills they may have picked up here.  There's nothing wrong with that! 
> And any of Nathan's customer's that want to try to build it themselves are 
> free to look here on the list to see exactly how he did it.  Kudos, 
> Nathan!
> Bye,
> Poor Yorick
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