[Tutor] OT - email & imaplib modules

Ismael Garrido ismaelgf at adinet.com.uy
Sat Sep 17 07:12:56 CEST 2005

mailing list wrote:

>It's like Pythoncard, a layer of abstraction makes 90% of what you do
>easier, and the other 10% you can still do the manual way.
>I don't know, I'm also tempted to try and write those layers, if
>anyone would benefit from them. But yeah, would it be better or worse
>for people to not have to learn the niceties of RFC3501 formal syntax
>section to use imap?
I believe a layer of abstraction would do well. The commands you show 
are quite unintuitive, and if I were to use imap it would certainly 
require hours of googling. Also, when working in my programs I usually 
wrap in functions or even classes this kind of "hard" bits. Perhaps this 
is about getting a more pythonic feel to the libraries, like Pythoncard, 
Wax, ElementTree and so on, try to do.


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