[Tutor] OOP fundamentals

János Juhász janos.juhasz at VELUX.com
Tue Sep 20 08:26:46 CEST 2005

Hi Ed,

last month I have found this beautifull sample about threads and sockets:

It helped me to a lot to understand how these can be used together on an
OOP way.
It helped me much better, than any hypothetical OOP samples about cars and
wheels, those really usefull just for programming teachers who never made
any real programm, but has to tell something about why OOP is good to
It was so nice to read and understand a so clean code.
Probably it can help your understanding eighter.
The other place where I feel OOP very natural is using wxPython.

There is another recipe about portscanning with OOP and threading:

Yours sincerely,
János Juhász

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> Thanks Danny! Tommorrow I am off to get "Programming for Python, 2nd
> edition" and learn everything - all of it, before I even bother with
> Sockets. Afterall, I want python for EVERYTHING not just sockets and inet
> based scripts/applications.
> I realized that I need to take a step back, make port scanner a class
> does nothing but really help me learn classes, then insert threading,
> once that works, insert the actual sockets into their respective class
> etc ... Thanks again ...
> Next time I post, I'll have something either more abstract/theory
> or something that isn't quite so simple!
> Thanks again everyone thats been helping me out especially danny!

> -edward
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