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Pawel Kraszewski Pawel_Kraszewski at wp.pl
Thu Sep 22 14:14:31 CEST 2005

Dnia czwartek, 22 września 2005 10:43, Matt Williams napisał:

> I've been looking for a simple python based DB for a fairly simple app.
> Only a single user, single access needed, but with a dynamic structure
> (which needs to be extensible very easily).

For pure Python implementation you might try SnakeSQL 

SnakeSQL is a pure Python SQL database written to remove the dependence of the 
Python Web Modules on 3rd party drivers for non-Python databases like MySQL 
but designed to be a useful database in its own right.
The database supports the simplest possible subset of ANSI SQL 92 including 
NULLs (something other pure Python databases such as Gadfly do not currently 
support) as well as more advanced features such as foreign key constraints 
and simple joins.

The database is fully DB-API 2.0 compliant and is written in layers so that it 
can easily be extended to support different storage mechanisms. Currently 
implemented are a fast binary DBM driver (default) and a slower CSV file 
driver (handy for viewing table contents when designing and developing an 
application or database structure).

If you don't need pure-Python,take a look at gadfly 

If the data isn't too big, you may even try XML storage with DOM access (PyXML 

 Pawel Kraszewski

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