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The URL is http://zoffee.tripod.com/purchasecomprogs.htm, and here is a third alternative: If the group says it is okay, I'll add them to the By: line as The Python Group, and I'll donate half of the sales to a charity of the group's choice.

Nathan Pinno
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  What's the URL?

  On 22/09/05, Nathan Pinno <falcon3166 at hotmail.com> wrote:
    I have a challenge for everyone on the tutor list. Take this serious, and
    don't think I'm asking it just because I am mad or something. I'm not, I
    just want to clear the air once and for all. Here is the challenge:

    Choose any program that I am selling on my site, any one of them, and ask me
    for the code. I'll gladly send you a copy. Determine if I have copied most
    of it, or wrote most of it myself. Post your analysis to the group. If you 
    determine that I have copied most of it, I'll remove it and post an apology.
    If not, you must admit that I wrote most of it myself. Fair enough?

    Farewell for now,
    Nathan Pinno.
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    > Nathan Pinno wrote:
    >> Brian and all,
    >> I am just asking for help - after all I write most each program myself,
    >> and just ask for help in debugging it whenever I cannot figure it out. If
    >> this is being sneaky, I apologize, and won't ask for help anymore. 
    > No, don't do that... Happy that you are asking questions!  I was humored
    > by the idea that you have a GREAT business model there...  :-)  FREE
    > Labor -- wow, should of thought of that one earlier...  <big grin> 
    > Have a great weekend and hope you keep posting!
    > Brian
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    Tutor maillist  -   Tutor at python.org

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