[Tutor] Diamond Equivalent

kim.d@tesco.net kim.d at tesco.net
Fri Sep 23 13:37:16 CEST 2005

bob wrote <<<Some of us (who don't know Perl) might help you if you tell us 
what the diamond operator does. How could we get to first base with it? What 
are its facets? Does is have a heart counterpart? Ca it sing?>>>

Sorry bob, that's what comes of posting my question last thing at night when 
finding the way upstairs is difficult enough.

In perl I can write this:

@array = <>;
print @array;

If I save that and call it from the command line, I can include the name of a 
file after the script name. It will read in the file, putting each line into an 
element of the array.

I know how to open a specific file using Python. I wanted to know how to give 
a Python script a file name in the command line, and have it open that file.


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