[Tutor] Stupid newbie question

Valone, Toren W. TValone at DMV.CA.gov
Sat Sep 24 00:27:38 CEST 2005

I am trying to noodle thru classes with python and I built the following

import time

class startremail:
    def __init__(self):  
     remailfile = open('U:\Bounce20.txt', 'r')             #future
address/file from outlook
     resendfile = open('resend.txt', 'w')                  #currently these
files are in Python24
     EmailReport = open('erprt.txt', 'w')                  #Report of bad
emails etc
     fromaddr='Tvalone at dmv.ca.gov'                         #set fromadd to a
     null_recepient_count = 0
     date_received = ""
     date_email_generated = ""
     Error_050 = ""
     Error_501 = ""
     Current_Date = time.ctime(time.time())
     month = Current_Date[4:8]
     day = Current_Date[8:10]
     print month

     def getday(self):
         return self.day
     def Read(self,line):
         line = remailfile.readline()                          #primer read 
         return line

I fire up IDLE and then do this 

from startremail import *
x = startremail()
print x.getday()
I get the following return

NameError: name 'getday' is not defined

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