[Tutor] Frustrated Beginner

Rosalee Dubberly dubberlyr at msn.com
Wed Sep 28 22:41:36 CEST 2005

I am trying to learn Python to use in my lesson plans. I am using Windows XP 
and the textbooks I am using are Beginning Python by WROX and Learning 
Pyhton by O'Reilly.

I am definning a range of words 0 to 55, if the number is divisible by 
3,7,11 with no remainder print eggs, else print spam. This works.

def firstpart():
   for n in range(0, 55):
      if n % 3 == 0 or n % 7 == 0 or n % 11 == 0:
          print 'eggs,',
          print 'spam,',
# Now I am trying to modify the function to replace eggs with toast and spam 
with jelly. I have spent days and nothing works. Can you send me in the 
right direction??
Rosa Dubberly
dubberlyr at msn.com

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