[Tutor] Python equiv to PHP "include" ?

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Fri Sep 30 03:10:31 CEST 2005

Jay Loden wrote:
> Alan, thanks for your responses, they're quite helpful. I suspect the real 
> problem I'm having is simply trying to switch modes of thinking to CGI style 
> or mod_python style instead of the PHP style embedded code. 

There are quite a few template engines for Python that allow embedding Python into the template. One of them is part of mod_python: http://www.onlamp.com/pub/a/python/2004/02/26/python_server_pages.html

Some others are Myghty and Spyce and the PSP component of WebWare:

You might find that these have a familiar style.


> The whole point of this exercise for me was to decide which language I prefer 
> for web development and evaluate Python for web work. So far, I've found PHP 
> much easier to work with and less "clunky" in terms of what I'm trying to do 
> - but I believe that's very much a function of my thinking being rooted in 
> the PHP style. 
> If Im understanding this right...the Pythonic/CGI method for something like 
> this is to import a template module of some kind, then call methods from that 
> template to display the template, with other Python code in the middle that 
> takes care of form processing? 
> The solution I have now feels smoother, since all I do is put content 
> into .htm files, then pull them into a template that's basically an html 
> sandwich. This gives me capability to stick a <?php ?> section into the .htm 
> file itself - for example a form with some dynamic content/variables - and 
> then from a user perspective, all they see is a normal html page.  
>>From a server side, it's seeing one big PHP script that includes both template 
> code and form code, but without me needing to write any templating code into 
> the form itself - instead I just call the form into the template.  With 
> Python, it seems like this kind of approach is impossible, and it also means 
> that my form would probably have to have some kind of special extension, like 
> "form.py" (so the handler knows what to do with it) instead of just being 
> located at "form.htm" - am I following this all correctly? 
> Does anyone know of any soup-to-nuts CGI programming examples online for 
> Python that might make this clearer so I can bug the list less and just read 
> some example code?
> -Jay
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