[Tutor] find data in html file

paul brian paul1brian at gmail.com
Fri Sep 30 16:55:26 CEST 2005

> But to get the data like price,bidders,shipment etc without the official
> eBayAPI is hard.
> Maybe anyone has a solution made ?

 Ebay specifically change around their HTML codes, tags and formatting
 (in quite a clever way) to stop people doing exactly what you are
 trying to do. I think it changes every month.

 Like people say, use the API - You need to become an "ebay developer"
 (signup) and can use your own code or the python-ebay thing for free
 in "the sandbox", but must pay $100 or so to have your code verified
 as "not likey to scrunch our servers" before they give you a key for
 the real world.

 Its a bit of a pain, so i just hacked turbo-ebay a while back and made
 do.  Worked quite well really.

Paul Brian
m. 07875 074 534
t. 0208 352 1741

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