[Tutor] Doctest, object references and the use of ellipses

Don Taylor nospamformeSVP at gmail.com
Sun Apr 2 01:30:07 CEST 2006

Tim Peters wrote:

> That "should work", provided there aren't differences in whitespace
> that are invisible to us in this medium.  For example, if, in your
> source file, there's actually a (one or more) trailing space on your
> line of expected output, then it would _not_ match the actual output. 
> Try adding +REPORT_NDIFF to your #doctest options; that will point out
> all differences (including whitespace).

Oh, thank you!

Yes, there was a trailing whitespace.  And yes I did read the manual 
that warned about this but I guess it did not register deep enough into 
my reptile brain (you know, the Python brain).

I will try not to do this again (and I probably won't).


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