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Mon Apr 3 19:57:33 CEST 2006

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> Hi, I am new to this list, and also to Python.
> I am trying to get Python to loop through the directory DATADIR which
> contains the data I want to read.  I get an error:  "oserror [errno 20]
> : Not a directory: "Katiescint.py"

That tells you that the code is finding a file called Katiescint.py
in DATADIR and that youy are trying to treat it as a directory
when it clearly isn't.

But it's better to send the whole stacktrace error message in future
since that tells us *where* the problem lies as well as what it is!

> for subdir in os.listdir(DATADIR):              #loop through list of

listdir lists files as well as directories.

>     file=FITS.Read(DATADIR+'/'+subdir+'/flux.fits')
>    #opens flux.fits file and reads

I'll need to take your word for that.
I assume FITS is a module? and Read is a function within that module?
All caps normally indicates a constant in Python - its only a convention
but a pretty common one. And functions usually start in lowercase
(and classes in uppercase) but again thats a convention and less
rigorously followed.

Also 'file' is a function (actually an alias for open() ) so using it as a
variable name could cause confusion.

>     summation=open(DATADIR+'/'+subdir+'/flux.dat','w')  #opens the
>     spotbyspot=open(DATADIR+'/'+subdir+'/spotflux.dat','w') #opens the

And here is where you use the file as a directory and cause the error.


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