[Tutor] Watch and control access to an executable

Bill Burns billburns at pennswoods.net
Sat Apr 8 19:02:42 CEST 2006

>> If I'm not mistaken (and I certainly could be) I believe this recipe 
>> is used to control instances of an already running *script*. While I'm 
>> trying to control a completely different executable (program) written 
>> by someone else.


> Nope, its si8mply creating an arbitrary Mutex, which is like a flag in 
> the OS itself. If the flag gets set OK - no errors - then you can go 
> ahead and launch your app, if theres an error the most likely reason is 
> that the app is already running.
> Its exactly the same principle as using a blank file but tidier since
> theres no file to delete(*) if things go wrong - although you might need 
> to reboot since I',m not sure how to delete a Mutex created by another 
> process, in fact I've only used a Mutex within a single multi-threading 
> app, but in principle theres no reason not to use it this way too...
> (*) Having the file has advantages since the administrator can easily 
> check with explorer to see if the app is in use, or manually create one 
> to block access to the app temporarily, but its a minimal advantage I 
> suspect.

OK. I understand a little better and will definitely look into this!!

The description of the recipe states:
"A script can use this code to determine whether another instance of 
itself is already in execution. 32-bit MSW only."

So I assumed it meant - you could use the recipe in your own scripts to
determine if the user was trying to start multiple instances of your 

My apologies to André!!!

Thanks for the explanation!


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