[Tutor] creating a tab delim file

Srinivas Iyyer srini_iyyer_bio at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 18 20:53:58 CEST 2006

Hi group, 
 I asked similar questions in the past. I am unable to
get to the crux of this problem so that I can solve on
my own. apologies for my ignorance.

The problem: 

I have 50 tab delim files. Each file has 500 rows and
50 columns.

I have to read the first column of each file. Repeat
the same for 50 files and write a tab delim text file 
containing 500 rows and 50 columns. 

code that works through half of the problem:

import glob

files = glob.glob('*.proc')

for each in files:
      f = open(each,'r')
      da = f.read().split('\n')
      dat = da[:-1]
      for m in dat:
            mycol = m.split('\t')[0] 

>From here I am blanked out. Although I can extract the
first column from each file:I have no idea how to
store each list. 

thought 1. Create an empty string and join each by a
       mycol = ''
       for m in dat:
            mycol = m.split('\t')[0]
            mstr = '\t'.join(mycol)
how can i append the data from second file to that

could tutors help me with this situation. 


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