[Tutor] Setting a global variable on class initialisation

Max Russell max.russell at barco.com
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Hello again
Sorry I didn't make the problem I'm working with all too clear. Basically
I'm working with a class (Directory) that upon creation reads in a 3 files
and from these files populates one main list.
This bit is fine.
The trickier bit was that I need to use two of the sublists (e.g the
contents of two of the files) outwith the module. I didn't want to read the
lists in again as I wanted the data to be set at the time the Directory
class is created. The lists are accessed from other classes and although I
tried passing the instance of Directory into the new class (Item) but this
was causing real problems Item was trying to read in the lists:
def __init__(self, filename, **args):
I noted that I couldn't put my argument for an instance of Directory after
**args (presumably because **args is used to mop up the remaining arguments
as a list) and when I put it before it messed up the reading of the list.
So my code now has this format-
    def GetCategories(self):

        #Assign the list values read in via platformCategories and

        global platformCategories
        platformCategories = self.GetPlatformsFile()
        global typeCategories
        typeCategories = self.GetTypesFile()
The method above is within Directory and updates the two lists with the
values I need. (The methods called within GetCategories do the returning of
the lists.)
I think I've got a grasp on what was going wrong.
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