[Tutor] Strange Question

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Sun Apr 30 14:07:59 CEST 2006

GNULinuxGeek wrote:
> So, here goes the work flow I need to support on my job.
>    1. Person goes to a web page.
>    2. The page allows them to retrieve a file from their local hard drive.
>    3. They make one or two selections with check boxes or drop lists
>       that define things about image resolution and preferences.
>    4. They enter their E-Mail address to allow the resultant file to be
>       sent back to them.
>    5. They submit the graphics file (TIFF image) along with the
>       selections and the file is uploaded.
>    6. The code on the server drops the file in a directory created from
>       the submitted file name.
>    7. The Python code (cgi script?) calls another application (server
>       resident) that performs processing on the graphics file. 
>    8. The original file, a processed "proof" file and a raw bitmap file
>       are stored back in the created directory.
>    9. The resultant proof file is sent back to them in an E-Mail message
>       for their approval.
>   10. The person would then go back to another page and "OK" the file
>       and then the processed image would be sent to yet another E-Mail
>       address.
> Does anyone see a problem with Python doing this?  Also, from my 
> knowledge position in programming and in Python (zero), should I attempt 
> this?

Python can certainly do all of this. You should learn some basic Python 
programming from one of the beginner tutorials before you start on the 
web piece. Then start tackling each of the steps above.

Python has a bewildering array of web application frameworks. At the 
risk of adding to the confusion I will say I think Django and TurboGears 
might be overkill for this application. What you have described above 
could be implemented in a couple of cgi programs or a simpler framework 
like CherryPy or Karrigell.


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