[Tutor] IDLE Crashing

Adam Gomaa ag at adamgomaa.com
Sat Aug 5 20:13:10 CEST 2006

> IDLE becomes **very** unresponsive when printing long lists/strings. 
> Great doses of patience and a good processor usually let you live 
> through (Idle uses 100%, you have to take out of view the long text to 
> make it become responsive again). At least, this happens on Windows 
> (maybe other platforms don't have this problem?). I get this a lot when 
> working with long HTML.
> There must be something wrong in the way IDLE prints long strings...
> Ismael
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Yes, as it turns out this was the issue. I entered the script 
line-by-line, and it finished the loops just fine- but at the 'print 
goodlist1' line, it froze. (it has to print about 1300 entries)

I'm rewriting the script so it writes the list to an external file 
within the loop, so I won't have to deal with such huge lists inside idle.

Thanks for everyone's help!


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