[Tutor] Community documentation framework?

Bob Nienhuis bob.nienhuis at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 23:56:29 CEST 2006

Have you had the experience of finding a nifty bit of code on the
web, trying it out, and then discovering that technique
only worked in version X.YY, or requires module Z that
is no longer available?

Well perhaps we can address this situation.

I would like to see an online system that facilitates
the collaborative production, cataloging and updating of
community documentation. See an article, "Rethinking Community
Documentation" by Andy Oram

Features I would like to see:
    A Wikipedia-like capacity for community update-ability/modifiability
    of documentation submissions.

    Database for cataloging available packages, modules, FAQs, How-Tos
    tutorials, cookbook code fragments etc. Should have capacity for
    developers to add and others to add to their contributions.

    Oram suggests a rating system for submissions so users can assess
    the quality of submissions, and point to parts that need modification
    or clarification..

    Might use TurboGears, Django AJAX or other web framework?

I think main Python documentation is great, but there is a lot
of stuff out there that isn't documented so well, or needs
updating. This project is intended to adress that need.

What would you like to see?
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