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shawn bright nephish at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 06:21:59 CEST 2006

Hello there,

a while back i wrote a module called DbConnector.py that allowed me to run
different types of SQL queries. Cool enough.
i did it mostly to handle the open and close of a db connection so i
wouldn't have to worry about 'too many connection' errors.
it makes a connection, runs a query, then closes the connection.
The reason i write this, is that i know how the module works to make a
connection 'object'
now, i have a few functions in some scripts that i would like to reuse
across the board. But, they dont really fit the "object" thing, i dont
thing. Basically, i have a bunch of functions that do different things and i
would like one script to hold them all.
do i need to define a class for this, or can you import a function from
another script ?

like if i have

def write_something_to_log(logfile, something)
    f = open(logfile, 'a')
    f.write('%s\n' % something)
    return 'success'

and i wanted to use this same function in about four different scripts, do i
need a class ? Do i need to just create a script full of common functions
that i can access ? and if so, how ?
usually in the tutorials i read, they deal with OO and classes. Most
commonly a class called Person. Then person has different attributes. But
these functions are just bits of code that i want to reuse
what is the cleanest way to do something like this ?


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