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Brian van den Broek broek at cc.umanitoba.ca
Tue Aug 8 04:11:52 CEST 2006

Alan Gauld said unto the world upon 07/08/06 04:43 PM:
>> this list is setup to send to the poster by default. I made the
>> mistake of doing such a thing earlier myself.
>> I know this is a huge item of contention, but do people favor having
>> the default be to send replies to the list?
> OK, I've got to ask. This comes up every so often and I really
> don't understand it.
> I've been on the internet for over 20 years now and every mail
> tool/newreader I've ever used has (at least) two reply options:
> 1) Reply = reply to the original sender
> 2) Reply All = reply to everyone
> The same principle has always worked for all of the mailing lists
> I've ever been on.
> So why do people seem to expect some other kind of response?
> Are there mail clients out there that don't offer a Reply All option?
> Why would anyone want a mailing list that didn't offer two options,
> one for private reply and the other to include everyone?
> I don't understand why this seems to come as a surprise?
> What am I missing?

Hi all,

Alan, I think you are judging based on technical lists, no? In my 
experience, the further from computing-technical the domain of a 
mailing list, the more likely it is to be set up with a munged `reply 
to' header.

It could be worse; there is a photography list I've been occasionally 
on for a decade or so where the list-denizens are steadfast in their 
reply to list preference and have to cope with 2-3 ``How do I 
subscribers?'' emails a week. (This despite instructions being 
provided in the footer of each and every message posted on the list.)


Brian vdB

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