[Tutor] Community documentation framework?

Mike Hansen Mike.Hansen at atmel.com
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	Have you had the experience of finding a nifty bit of code on
	web, trying it out, and then discovering that technique
	only worked in version X.YY, or requires module Z that
	is no longer available?
	Well perhaps we can address this situation.
	I would like to see an online system that facilitates
	the collaborative production, cataloging and updating of 
	community documentation. See an article, "Rethinking Community 
	Documentation" by Andy Oram 
	Features I would like to see:
	    A Wikipedia-like capacity for community
	    of documentation submissions.
	    Database for cataloging available packages, modules, FAQs,
	    tutorials, cookbook code fragments etc. Should have capacity
	    developers to add and others to add to their contributions. 
	    Oram suggests a rating system for submissions so users can
	    the quality of submissions, and point to parts that need
	    or clarification..
	    Might use TurboGears, Django AJAX or other web framework?
	I think main Python documentation is great, but there is a lot
	of stuff out there that isn't documented so well, or needs
	updating. This project is intended to adress that need.
	What would you like to see?
You might take a look at



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