[Tutor] suggestions for read unread items datastructure

anil maran anilmrn at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 13 21:21:31 CEST 2006

there is a blog
and it associated feed entries
the blog posts
when someone clicks it i need to maintain read status for it
and when it is unclicked i need the unread status
this needs to be maintianed for a huge number of usrs

Bob Gailer <bgailer at alum.rpi.edu> wrote: anil maran wrote:
>  suggestions for read unread items datastructure
> keep a list of read and unread items
> hi guys
> i m building an rss reader and i want you suggestions for datastructure
> for keeping read and unread list for each use
> i m assuming it will be very sparse
Just a guess but I think the lack of response is due to (at least for 
me) not knowing enough about your situation to give a useful response. 
Please tell us more.

Bob Gailer

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