[Tutor] threads and webpy

emilia12 at mail.bg emilia12 at mail.bg
Wed Aug 16 17:56:08 CEST 2006

> Hi!
Hi !

> I don't know what web.py is.
> Is it something you wrote?
no, this is a simple webserver, (http://webpy.org/)
> You'll have to write multi-threaded code if you want it
> to run multiple
> threads :)
> (Unless, of course, Web.py supports threads?)

i will ask the authors about this ...

> What's your experience with Python?
> Do you need help with threads in general? threads in
> Python?
yes, but python related part of threads
>  >Maybe i can do this with 'threads' but how ? is there
> some
>  >example ??
> There are plenty of examples of threaded code that you
> could find by
> googling around,
> or do you mean 'is there some example [of multi-threading
> the web.py
> program]??'
> If the latter case, I guess you could find that by
> googling as well, if
> it exists.
yes - i will ask the webpy authors

but i expected to fond out a way to start two (or more)
scripts (web.py) in different threads from one puthon's
scrypt. OR two pythons interpretators to execute the above
scrypt ?



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