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anil maran anilmrn at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 17 11:56:59 CEST 2006

Hi guys 
 i was wondering if someone has successfuly used server push for apps 
 such as meebo etc using webpy 
 if so can you share some guidelines on using them 

I have a continuously running python webserver and a website, if there is a new mail or message, how do i ping and let the website or the user know without polling, using twisted web2

thanks a lot 

New server software is often required to make applications built using 
 Comet scale, but the patterns for event-driven IO on the server side 
 are becoming better distributed. Even Apache will provide a Comet-ready worker module in the upcoming 2.2 release. Until then, tools like Twisted, POE, Nevow, mod_pubsub, and other higher-level event-driven IO abstractions are making Comet available to developers on the bleeding edge. Modern OSes almost all now support some sort of kernel-level event-driven IO system as well. I've even heard that Java's NIO packages will start to take advantage of them in a forthcoming release. These tools are quietly making the event-driven future a reality. 
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