[Tutor] man pages parser

Tiago Saboga tiagosaboga at terra.com.br
Fri Aug 18 14:47:53 CEST 2006


I'm working on a front-end to various unix command-line utilities, and I want 
to be able to retrieve informations from man pages, specially existing 
options and their help strings. Do you know a good way to handle this? I 
could parse directly the troff sources (is there already a parser for that?), 
the resulting man pages, or I could first translate it to docbook (with 
doclifter) or html (mantohtml) and than use a xml or html parser. 

All these options require a good amount of time for me, as I don't know any of 
the parsers, and I don't know the languages, except for html. It's why I'm 
asking here first if there is a better solution or other advices...


Tiago Saboga.

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