[Tutor] first programming project

Johnston Jiaa artificiallystupid at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 18 17:35:29 CEST 2006

I have read through many beginner texts on programming
and believe myself to be fairly decent at python, but
I have no idea how to do anything worthwhile.  I
understand that before coding a project it's best to
design it and write some pseudocode first.  I want to
create a fun GUI assignment manager.  I read about the
Tkinter toolkit and would like to use it to write my
program.  I made a list of features:

- root window will be split into three sections: 
categories, assignments, and an animated creature that
responds to actions

- assignments will have three attributes:  priority,
points (grade points for completeness and creative
points for how interestingly assignment was done),
dates (assigned, completed)
- sub-assignments can be added to assignments to break
it up into steps
- each assignment will fit into a marking period
category with two averages (grade average and creative
- grade average is the percentage found by dividing
points earned by total possible points

- creature will have two statuses (hunger status, mood
- hunger status effected by grade points and averages
- mood status effected by creative points and averages
- each time assignment completed, food appears in
creature section and user may feed it or store it in a
bin (food more nourishing for higher-point
- increments of creative points (maybe for every 10?)
add mini-games to play with creature

That's the general idea of my program.  I have never
written a real program before, am I missing any steps?
 Is there something I am missing from having this be a
complete program?  Any help at all is greatly

Johnston Jiaa

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