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Bob Gailer bgailer at alum.rpi.edu
Fri Aug 25 05:42:51 CEST 2006

wesley chun wrote:
> On 8/24/06, mike viceano <ph34r_th3_d4rkn3s at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> hello i need a little help with a common multiple module i am haveing
>> problems with the best i can get it is to show the least common multiple i
>> think the problem is eather the and command ot the if command
> some suggestions and reading:
> 1. post the driver app, e.g., the main part of your program, not just
> the function
> 2. change all your varliable names to something more applicable to the
> functionality of your code (a, b, c, e, f, k, ll, etc. just aren't
> useful)
> 3. http://www.python.org/infogami-faq/tutor/tutor-what-is-the-policy-on-homework/
> 4. post the output, how you feel it's erroneous, what you think the
> output should be, and where you think the problem may be *and* WHY
> 5. don't use input().  use raw_input() and int(), float(), etc.
> 6. don't cross-post to both the tutor and help mailing lists
and if that's not enough, please also use a more meaningful subject 
line, rather than "help".
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