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On 8/25/06, Alan Gauld <alan.gauld at btinternet.com> wrote:
>> > i put a significant number of exercises in "Core Python," some which
>> > ...
>> > there are about 260 exercises in the 1st ed., and the upcoming 2nd
>> > ed. will have well over 300.  i believe this is more than any other
>> > Python book out there.
> Certainly more than mine Wes!

ah, but your book is target towards a different audience, the newbie.
'core python' is directed towards existing programmers new to python.
the fastest and most effective way to learn a new language is to
exercise the concepts and newfound knowledge. if i were to write a
newbie book, there certainly wouldn't be as many.  but speaking of
learn how to program... is there a 2nd edition coming soon?  :-)

>> I got a lot of flack on amazon reviews for not putting exercises
>> at the end of each chapter - although in fact there are over 50
>> "challenges" throughout the text, but you have to read the text
>> to find them! ( That's because I don't like text book style
>> exercises personally...)

i'm not a fan of dry textbooks, but i do believe in exercises.
sometimes i put what i call "mental challenges" in chapter reading,
but they are not phrased as problems to be solved, just something to
think about for the reader.

>> However one badly missed Python resource that used to help
>> a lot was the Useless Python web site. Alas it seems to have
>> dissappeared fromthe web.
> It's baaaaack!
> http://www.uselesspython.com/

this is great news.  i wish there were more sites like this and the
Challenge out there... they really make you think in "real-time."

-- wesley
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