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anil maran anilmrn at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 29 03:00:59 CEST 2006

i want some form of suggestion or autocompletion
so if i say
import aspell
and then type
i know what are available without running to pyshell or some interpreter
and aspell.Dict(
should suggest wat are the possible arguments

Alan Gauld <alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk> wrote: > anil maran wrote:
>> do u guys know how to enable omnicomplete using vim
>> for python thanks
> Google is your friend, here's a page:
> http://www.vim.org/tips/tip.php?tip_id=1311
> Actually, I didn't ven know this existed.

And for those like me who still didn't know what it is:


gives the explanation - basically its intellisense for vim...

Alan G. 

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