[Tutor] OT GPL project finished, presentation looming

Dave S pythontut at pusspaws.net
Thu Dec 7 18:15:25 CET 2006

OK this is an OT question

I have just finished a Python QT project for work, written in my own free time 
over the last several months (and with a lot of help from you guys :). Its 
5500 lines of python over several modules (for me that huge) and a 
CSV 'rules' file of 500 lines, all GPL'd 

We use a commercial program that connects to remote intruder alarm systems and 
downloads their configs. Up to 80,000 software attributes per site.

My python QT app scans the database files (.dbf), decodes them, scans them 
against a CSV list of rules and throws any anomaly's out to a GUI. It 
essentially audits the site programming checking for incorrect programming, 
configuration errors etc. 

In addition it generates audited PDF certificates, engineer summary's PDFs and 
user manuals PDFs for each specific site.

Sometime in January I have to give a presentation and I know one of the 
questions will be. "Its what we want but you are not a company, what if you 
leave ?" I need an answer,..

What am I asking ... If need be are any of you for hire ?


PS it looks great, would love to post some pngs but it would violate the list 
rules :(

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