[Tutor] Opening a pdf on a certain page

Dave Kuhlman dkuhlman at rexx.com
Tue Dec 12 18:19:54 CET 2006

On Tue, Dec 12, 2006 at 04:00:29PM -0000, Tim Golden wrote:
> [Toon Pieton]
> | Is there anyway to open a .pdf at a certain page? Been 
> | searching the internet, but couldnt find anything.
> Pretty certain there isn't. Even if you'd generated the
> PDF yourself and set an internal anchor there doesn't
> seem to be a URI which will jump to that point. I'd
> be really happy to be wrong about that.

I'm assuming that the original poster was asking a Python question,
but just to show that in general this must be possible ...

I use evince (on Linux) to read PDF docs.  When I open a document
the second time, evince automatically shows the last page I was
viewing when I previously closed evince.  And, the following

    $ evince -p 12 somedocument.pdf

will open that document to page 12.


Dave Kuhlman

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