[Tutor] [python-win32] Python as scripting glue, WAS Python for sysadmin

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Thu Dec 14 00:47:28 CET 2006

"Peter Jessop" <pjlists at gmail.com> wrote 
>I am a windows system administrator and started learning
> python (as an alternative to VBScript) for the following reasons.
> 1) VBScript has serious limitations as a language
> 2) Needed access to TCP/IP protocols
> 3) Ability to to write scripts with GUI.
> 4) Portability
> Windows system administrators need to know VBScript ...
> Now Powershell has arrived windows has its own usable shell. 
> ...
> Powershell can use .NET objects 

And for that reason I suspect IronPython might be the best 
option for a Windows sys admin.

Although using IronPython in combination with .NET wouldn't 
be portable to other OS it would give very good access to the 
innards of Windows that are much harder to reach via normal 
Python and winall.

But I'm not an IronPython user so cannot speak from experience, 
but it seems that IronPython would be a very useful tool for 
a Windows Sys admin. Maybe some of those with real experience 
with ironPython can comment?

Alan G

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