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Carlos carloslara at web.de
Thu Dec 21 19:42:39 CET 2006


In the past  I have received very valuable info from other list users, 
that has helped me to solve problems that I had. Just yesterday Kent 
helped me with something very specific.

I'm asking for a project review because my code is working now, it is 
not complete but it is working. What I need is not a specific solution, 
but more something like a general review of the code. Because while 
probably everything is working, there might be very evident problems 
that are general in nature and that are impossible for me to spot for a 
number of reasons.

What is this project about? Well I'm allways a little bit afraid to 
speak about that, because after 30 seconds most of the people just wants 
to get away as fast as possible. But hey, you asked for it :-)

My project is a building prototyping system, my idea is that it is 
possible to investigate different spatial configurations for an 
anchitectural project, for you to have a better idea, let me show a 
simplified step list:

1. - Locate the plot that contains the architectural project. Details 
like orientation, latitude and longitude are relevant.


2. - Generate the collection of spaces that compose the project. Details 
like size and position respect to other spaces are relevant.


3. - Analyze the collection of spaces. This is an intermediate step, and 
its function is that the system knows the details of the given data.


4. - Run the system. Based on a Genetic Algorithm, the system generates 
a population of possible solutions and evaluates how well they perform 
to give at the end a number of solutions that represent possible 
projects. For the first version of the system the evaluated 
considerations are going to be kept at a minimum, with the intention of 
simplifying the development process. Those considerations are going to 
be on the one hand, proximity that is expressed in the schematic design. 
And on the other hand an external evolutionary pressure, in this case 
sun incidence. Further versions of the system are intended to cover more 
aspects of an architectural project.

If you, besides python, know something about Maya (the 3D App) that 
would just be great for me. I have spent the last semester learning 
python and mel the scripting language of maya. Thankfuly I found 
something called cgkit, that has let me use python inside of maya.

And if by chance you are familiar with genetic algorithms, well that 
would be perfect, because you can take a look at how I took a genetic 
algorithm python module and applied to my project.

But in the case that you are not familiar with maya or genetic 
algorithms, well the code is still python and I bet that a veteran like 
you can spot a bunch of things that could be done better, at the big 
scale of the code workings or a the small one of specific stuff.

MArch as far as I know is not something cryptic, it stands for Master of 
Architecture and it follows the normal master courses notation. You can 
check it here 

Just to clarify :-)


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