[Tutor] Project Review (Was: Tutor Digest, Vol 34, Issue 42)

Christopher Arndt chris.arndt at web.de
Thu Dec 21 20:32:45 CET 2006

Carlos schrieb:
> And if by chance you are familiar with genetic algorithms, well that
> would be perfect, because you can take a look at how I took a genetic
> algorithm python module and applied to my project.

I'm afraid that I don't have the domain specific knowledge to be of much help
here and I must admit, that I'm not very interested in it either, but at least,
now I know enough to make that decision ;-)

> But in the case that you are not familiar with maya or genetic
> algorithms, well the code is still python and I bet that a veteran like
> you can spot a bunch of things that could be done better, at the big
> scale of the code workings or a the small one of specific stuff.

I would suggest, you upload you code somewhere (make it password protected, if
you must) so that several people have an opportunity to look at it. I could
probably comment on the 'Pythonicity' of the code, others might be better
suited to 'understand' the code.

> MArch as far as I know is not something cryptic, it stands for Master of
> Architecture and it follows the normal master courses notation. You can
> check it here
> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master%27s_degree#MArch_I..2C_MArch_II.>.

Not everybody speaks English as their mothertongue or knows about the
Anglo-saxon education system, you know ;-)


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