[Tutor] XML-RPC data transfers.

Chris Hengge pyro9219 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 10:14:37 CET 2006

I'm trying to figure out how to send data using XML-RPC. Currently my target
is to send a PIL imagegrab.grab() from one side of the connection to the
other. I've got stuff like numbers and strings going back and forth, so I
know my connection is working, but I'm not sure how to send the image.

'Server and Client Connect'
'Server asks client for screen capture, client captures and sends to

I've been trying to figure it out using this bit of information I found, but
I'm not sure how to map it to what I need:

Using this example I get error's about 'expected binary .read(), but got
instance instead. ' when trying to convert the image data to binary to
transfer, I've also just tried passing the image data directly, but that
gets a return 'None" exception.

I've just been using xmlrpclib and simplexmlrpcserver for this, but I'm
wondering if I should perhaps use twisted instead.

Happy Holiday's and Thanks.
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