[Tutor] OT: Python 2.5 (Was Re: Length of longest item in a list, using a list comp)

Chris Hengge pyro9219 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 02:24:41 CET 2006

I hope this is related enough for this thread, but I'm curious why people
didn't seem to unanimously jump into 2.5 upon release. Python seems very
good about holding its backward compatibility vs some other languages I've
dealt with like C# that seems to require applications rewritten with every
patch. Was there just nothing that "grand" about the new version? I've
personally held back just because most of the documentation I've come across
is for 2.4, and until I get a firmer feel for the language I'm trying to not
mix things up.

On 12/28/06, Alan Gauld <alan.gauld at btinternet.com> wrote:
> "Andreas Kostyrka" <andreas at kostyrka.org> wrote
> >> With versions >= 2.4 you can omit the []
> > With 2.5 you can even do stuff like that:
> I missed the announcement somewhere but 2.5 seems to
> have been out for a spell now.
> What are the must-have new features? (I could read the what's-new
> doc but that tells me about stuff I may not see the value in!)
> What are the features people are actually using regularly and find
> an improvement?
> Alan G.
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