[Tutor] OT: Python 2.5 (Was Re: Length of longest item in a list, using a list comp)

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at kostyrka.org
Fri Dec 29 19:25:23 CET 2006

* Chris Hengge <pyro9219 at gmail.com> [061229 02:25]:
>    I hope this is related enough for this thread, but I'm curious why people
>    didn't seem to unanimously jump into 2.5 upon release. Python seems very
>    good about holding its backward compatibility vs some other languages I've
>    dealt with like C# that seems to require applications rewritten with every
>    patch. Was there just nothing that "grand" about the new version? I've
>    personally held back just because most of the documentation I've come
>    across is for 2.4, and until I get a firmer feel for the language I'm
>    trying to not mix things up.

I'd say it's a deployment issue. So basically people with deployement
issues keep back. People with small user populations are already
upgrading to 2.5.


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