[Tutor] Starting python from a DOS prompt from any directory?

Daniel McQuay simplebob at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 06:10:39 CET 2006

hello fellow programmers,

newbie question here and this isn't much a programming question as it is a
windows and python question, so sorry in advance.

i have been having what i think is a problem with running python on windows
from a DOS prompt. i am used to running python from a linux box where you
can just type "python" or "python24" from a shell prompt and the python
shell executes from any directory. now if i remember right, when used a
window 2000, i could break out a DOS prompt and type "python" from any
directory and it would execute the python screen where you could then begin
testing code. now i am using a windows xp media center edition laptop with
python 2.5 installed and when i go to run and then type "cmd" and then type
"python" from the directory where the run "cmd" command drops me it says
'python' is not a recognized as an internal or external command. i would
like to be able to just type "python" from any directory and have it run.
does any one know why it's doing this or how i can achieve running python
from just any directory. now i can navigate to the python folder and execute
python from there. but there seems to me to be a way to achieve what i want
to do.

sorry for such a newbie question but i would like to figure this out because
there are some situations where i need that to work from any directory.

thanks in advance,

Daniel McQuay
H: 814.825.0847
M: 814-341-9013
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