[Tutor] XML-RPC data transfers.

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Sun Dec 31 09:59:47 CET 2006

"Chris Hengge" <pyro9219 at gmail.com> wrote

> method is a good one. Much like your own answers to most of my 
> questions,
> you state several ways varying from "probably works" to "how I'd try 
> to do
> it". Personally, I'd rather understand more of the "how I know it 
> works"

One reason may be that you are doing something unusual.
Like sending images directly from memory over an XMLRPC
connection. It should be possible but its not likely something
many perople on this list will have actually done. So you only
get suggestions of how they *might* do it ifd they had to.

Because of the reliability issues with XMLRPC I'd always save
image data to a file and send the file. (As I said earlier I'd try
to avoid sending the file via RPC but thats another story
that we've covered') But the advantages of having a file mean
that the whole process is much more repeatable and resilient
particularly if the object you are trying to send is subject to
change - like a screen shot. If you have to resend because
of RPC errors then the new screen grab might be different
to the original. The alternative involves holding the screen
image in RAM for a longish time which makes your program
into a resource hog which is also bad practice... although
with PCs having hundreds of Meg of RAM nowadays its
sadly becoming more common! Bloatware rules :-(

But I suspect the main reason you aren't getting working examples
is simply that you are trying to do something that is outside
normal programming experience on this list.

But I may be wrong! ;-)

Alan Gauld
Author of the Learn to Program web site

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