[Tutor] Thanks , Now able to do Marks entry and display it using Histogram

John Joseph jjk_saji at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 3 09:02:17 CET 2006

Hi All 
Thanks to Shantanoo,Brian,Alan,Owen
    Now I am able to  enter the marks for each
students , and display the results  the frequency of
marks in histogram 
            Even though I am able to display the
histogram of the marks with students , I  would like
to modify it further as I learn more , I am adding the
program which I had done 
           Thanks to the list , I am getting more
encouragement here ,it is fun over here 
                                   Joseph John 

# This program is to see how can we see how many
students got particular mark
# And how u print it

print " \nFirst Enter the No of Students ... "
print "\n Then No of marks "

# defining empty array array
array = []
# defining i
i = 0

# n is the NO of  students which I have to enter the
n = int(raw_input("Enter the no: of students :  \n"))

# m is the Marks of the students which I have to enter
while i < n:
        marks = int(raw_input("Enter the Marks for the
students :  \n"))
        print "Marks are ", marks
        i = i+1

#print "Array Marks ", array

# Now to display How many students got the same marks

j = 0

#    To Display the histograph of the students Marks
#    25 is the Max marks 

for j in range(25):
        #print j , "is ",array.count(j)
        print j,"x" * array.count(j)
        j += 1

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