[Tutor] Design questions?

Richard rich.424 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 22:21:36 CET 2006

Hi all! First I want to thank everyone for the help in regards to 
learning python book and gui's!! Happy New year!!

I am just learning Python, and I do have a project in mind but I am not 
sure where to start on it. I am in the Insurance business so the project 
is a rate calculator.

I have a ton of questions. So bear with me please.

The picture I have in my mind and what I have written down too.

(Input Clients name) input text box
age= spinner
Male or Female= radio buttons
Tobacco User yes or no
Health Here I was thinking about 4-5 options
Diabetic yes or no?

Amount of Coverage input text box

So those would be the input parameters, Here is how it would work (at 
least in my limited knowledge) The program is going to look at age first 
then Male or female then, Tobacco, and health after it accumulates all 
the information then it will have 5- 6 companies to find the rates 
from.( This will be based on the health too, because as an example if 
health= poor then there is only one company to look at. This is true if 
the person is diabetic, only one company.

I can use a prefered rate too but then I would have to put in a weight 
chart. (sigh)

So when the program looks at these companies. Let me back up a minute 
here. To calculate rates is as follows

Rate= (Unit cost X amount) + policy fee X modal factor (modal factor is 
different for monthly,quarterly and semi annual.

So then program looks to find the best rate and return the value into 3 
box.......Monthly Quarterly and Semi

Also now I bet your saying this guy is getting picky, I want to be able 
to write the quote to a file for future use.

So I have allot of the rates in excel now, do I need to build tables 
with each company?

I know this is a big project so I was told by someone. But I am just 
look for a starting point and then I will go from there.

Thanks In Advance for all of your help.


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