[Tutor] Python upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4

Srinivas Iyyer srini_iyyer_bio at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 6 06:19:09 CET 2006

Hi, I might be asking this question out of context.
however, eversince I started working with Python, the
only mailing list that I used ever is this. So this
could be also the other reason that I am posting here.

I am currently using Python 2.3 for windows XP.  I
wanted to use PyExcellerator module. However, this
module need the Python to be 2.4. 

So how should I upgrade from 2.3 to 2.4 without
loosing the neat libraries and modules that I have
been using on 2.3. these python modules and libraries
are backbone for my programming skills. so how could I
upgrade without loosing theh binaries and modules (eg.
BioPython module, EUtils etc.

I downloaded the 2.4 MSI and it was installed in
Pyhthon2.4 directoryu and when I started Python2.4
windows GUI, it never came up. I do not the reason. 

Any suggestion and help please. ..

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