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Your suggestion works.  It also works consistently if you fully define the
path of 'filename'.
filename = "c:/test/testprint.txt"
You are right, shell execute seems to need the full path name with windows
98SE.  It is strange that it does not need the full path for win xp + win

Onto my next problem.

My text file is printing out in portrait.  Is there any instruction that I
can use so that notepad prints it in landscape?



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This is itching at me, too.

On Fri, 6 Jan 2006, John Corry wrote:

> Can anyone understand or tell me why this works but the following code
> not:-
> import win32api
> filename = "testprint.txt"
> fileobj=open (filename, "w")
> fileobj.write ("This is a test")
> fileobj.close()
> win32api.ShellExecute (
>   0,
>   "print",
>   filename,
>   None,
>   ".",
>   0
> )

I'm wondering if ShellExecute needs a full path to find it under W98.

Try this; add to the top of your code:

import os.path

and change your ShellExecute to this:

win32api.ShellExecute (

I have no idea if this will work; and the error message you're getting,

> The code above gives me the error: (31, 'ShellExecute', 'A device attached
> to the system is not functioning.')

doesn't seem to indicate it, but it's one less thing.

I'd love to know the answer when you get it.

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