[Tutor] Finding the Index of a member of a Tuple

bob bgailer at alum.rpi.edu
Thu Jan 12 21:10:57 CET 2006

At 10:52 PM 1/11/2006, Brian van den Broek wrote:
>I assume Bob meant that tuples have no index or find method.

No, Bob is sick and not thinking clearly.

At 11:04 PM 1/11/2006, Terry Carroll wrote:

>Does it have to be a tuple?  If you make it a list, you can use index():

At 03:13 AM 1/12/2006, Kent Johnson wrote:
>If you can use a list instead of a tuple you can use the index() method.

I'm glad there are several of us contributing to this list. I hope to 
think things thru better before responding, but it is also nice to 
see that the dictionary approach stimulated things!

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