[Tutor] Design suggestion - is a cookie the answer?

Adam Cripps kabads at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 11:44:19 CET 2006

I've developed a nice but simple cgi script [1] which produces
multiplication questions for children in my class. It randomly
presents a list of questions and then checks the answers once they
push submit. The form builds up a fairly long list of vars which are
passed to a method which checks the question against the answer.

However, I knew a post to Tutor would be needed sooner or later. After
5 months of using this script one of the children has discovered that
by pressing the refresh button they get the results checked and the
points awarded without any work. This is a combination of my bad
design and their ingenuity (bless 'em).

I would like to ammend the script so that the simple refresh does not
award more points. My first initial reaction is to create a cookie
which somehow checks whether the string is valid.

Can anyone provide some guidance on how to go about fixing this?

[1] http://www.monkeez.org/python/times.txt

PGP key: 0x7111B833

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