[Tutor] Complete programming newbie requires tutorial.

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at freenet.co.uk
Sun Jan 15 10:33:52 CET 2006

> but am a complete newbie when it comes to programming.

> I bought the O'Reilly "Learning Python" book, but have struggled 

Its really for existing programmers. Its a great book though so 
once you get over the initial hurdle go back and read it ahain.

> note that resources on the python.org website, 

All the tutorials on the Non Programmers web site have their 
own flavour(*) and what suits one person won't suit another. 
Pay a visit to a few, try out a topic or two and pick your 
favourite. Ask questions here....

(*)For instance, my tutor majors on teaching programming 
per se rather than Python specifically. It uses 3 languages 
to reinforce the common concepts. Other tutorials are much 
more focused on Pythonb itself, maybe with a partiucular style 
of programming in mind...

>  I should be able to print it in small chunks 

Each topic in mine is a separate html file, or you can get 
the PDF version (although it tends to be updated less often than 
the main text). If you do print it all out it now comes to around 
400 pages!

> Finally, I should add that I am happy to purchase a book if necessary.

You should never say that to an author, but.... my tutorial is available 
in dead tree format too (and as such is Python specific).


Alan G
Author of the learn to program web tutor

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